Clinical Pilates

The Pilates method is a form of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates, which centralizes the balanced development of the body in the abdominal strength, flexibility and awareness to promote a harmonious movement efficiently.

The Clinical Pilates distinguishes itself from traditional format from a development with the influences of orthopedists and physiotherapists, with the exclusion of certain less beneficial exercises for the spine and urinary tract become Pilates healthier and still efficient.

Benefits Of Clinical Pilates

Widespread improvement of muscle toning, correction of posture, increased stability, increased strength and flexibility, increased coordination and muscle control, relief of stress and muscle fatigue, restore normal movement patterns, improving control, respiratory, abdominal strengthening, increase balance (essential in the prevention of falls in older populations), prevention and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction, injury prevention, among many others.

A well-treated body lasts a lifetime!