Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM , also known as Chinese Medicine, is the name usually given to the set of traditional medicine practices in use in China, developed over the thousands of years of its history. It is considered one of the oldest forms of oriental medicine.

TCM is based on a systematic and comprehensive theoretical framework of a philosophical nature. It includes among its principles the study of the Yin/Yang relationship, the Five Elements Theory and the energy circulation system through the Meridians of the human body.

The therapeutic methods used include Acupuncture, Phytotherapy, Tui Na (Chinese therapeutic massage), dietetics, all under the domain of TCM. TCM is the art of preventing and treating diseases and has several therapeutic resources, including Acupuncture, Moxa and Phytotherapy, thus being a multidisciplinary «energetic» and functional medicine.

This therapy can be used by anyone, at any age or situation.